There's plenty of Humanist information on the web, and some of it is even accurate.

Try these links:

  • Secular Web
  • Read The Humanist or Free Inquiry magazine.
  • Or this comic about Kansas, teaching evolution in schools, and those evil secular humanists!
  • You may have missed this on public radio (since it was not broadcast in Connecticut): "Who's Who in Hell," an encyclopedic guide to Humanism and freethought, was the subject of an interview on the PRI program "The Connection," on September 7th, 2000. Click here details about the show, including a link to the broadcast in RealAudio format.

National organizations and local chapters:

Members' suggestions:

  • For spectacular views of the Sun, try the Transition Region and Coronal Explorer site operated by Lockheed Martin's Solar and Astrophysics Lab.: (Suggested by David Schafer, based on a Boston Globe article by Chet Raymo.)